Elora Silverman is the protagonist and player-character of Rides With Strangers.

She is a young woman who is trying to make her way to her mother's deathbed and is forced to hitch-hike to get there.

Biography Edit

Old Biography as written by Reflect Studios

Elora is an intelligent and hardworking young woman. She studied hard in school, never missing a class and got into several honour programmes. Elora got into an Ivy League school and achieved an impressive 4.0 GPA. It is mentioned she is the first person in her family to graduate from college, suggesting she comes from a working-class background. She also drives a 23-year-old car, further suggesting neither she nor her family has a lot of money to spend on expensive things—presumably, she got into a good college through excellent grades. It is mentioned that Elora has been working her whole school life to get into her "dream job", which is not specified. A few weeks back, Elora finally applied for her dream job. After waiting anxiously, on Tuesday evening, she received an email from the job, inviting her for an interview. Elora is excited, though the catch is that the interview is tomorrow morning and the job is located on the other side of the state. Not wanting to let this deter her, Elora prepares herself and drives across state in the middle of the night to get to the interview. Unfortunately, whilst driving down a rural highway, Elora's car finally gives out, leaving her stranded on the side of the road. Elora is able to call a tow truck, but they can't reach her until morning. With few other options, Elora decides to hitchhike her way to the city. However, as Elora soon discovers, there are all kinds of strange people out this late at night, some less friendly than others...

This biography was ultimately scrapped in favor of Elora instead trying to get back home to her dying mother.

In-Game Edit

The player controls Elora in the game. The game takes place in first person - Elora's full body and face are only seen in the opening menu and the trailer. Elora, as directed by the player, can walk along the highway and stick out her thumb to alert passing vehicles. She can then agree to hitch a lift with the driver. The player can then choose how Elora behaves during the ride, which could potentially prove fatal to Elora, if the player makes the wrong decision. Elora can ignore the driver or choose a variety of ways in which to respond to questions or conversation. She can also subtly search the car. If Elora starts to feel anxious or panicked by the stranger's behaviour, she can roll down the window to get air and calm herself. If the player feels Elora's life or well-being is in immediate danger, she can force the door open and roll out of the car onto the roadside. Presumably, Elora will be able to hitch rides from various strangers throughout the night, though at this stage only the Father is available.

Description Edit

Elora is described as being an intelligent and somewhat introverted young woman. She is hard-working, optimistic and determined. Given some of her behavior and dialogue, Elora can be quite timid and soft-spoken and gets anxious easily. She quickly realizes if she's in a potentially dangerous situation and tries to calm herself to figure a way to defuse the situation and make it out safely.

However, despite her canonically established personality as shy and bookish, almost every piece of her dialogue is player-picked, so she can either be as polite and open as possible, crudely risque and offensive, or somewhere in the middle, meaning the player can shape Elora's personality and how she responds to situations as the game progresses.

Elora is a beautiful young woman—apparently in her early to mid-twenties—with long and wavy brown hair, matching eyes, and pale skin. She dons a beige sweater with a wide neck, pale blue jeans and black sneakers with white laces, as well as blue earrings.


  • (contains spoilers for Welcome to the Game): In the 2016 Reflect Studios horror game Welcome to the Game, Elora makes a cameo in the secret ending, where the player character escapes onto the same highway from Rides With Strangers where they see Elora holding her thumb out to The Father, signaling for a ride. The player is jumpscared before they can interact with her.
  • Also, in Welcome to the Game, on one of the sites (known as Black Hat Post), it is possible to find requests by diverse users, one of them being a request for the current location of Elora Silverman, the text being as follows: REQ> Where is the current location of Elora Silverman. Mobile: 212-555-5428 RES> Client, The last known location of this mobile device is as follows: lat: 54.095347 lon: -125.198348