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Elora's mother is a character in the upcoming game Rides With Strangers.


Mrs. Silverman, like the rest of her family, comes from a working class background, with her daughter being the first person in her family to graduate from college. Neither she nor her family have a lot of money to spend on expensive things, so Elora drives a 23 year old car. Her daughter is an ambitious young woman, who studied hard in school and obtained a 4.0 GPA.

Role in Game[]

Elora's mother is slowly dying from a disease that is currently untreatable, which is one of the driving forces behind Elora's dream of becoming a chemist to pursue a cure for her mother. On the night the game takes place, Elora is driving to a job opportunity that could save her. Unfortunately, her car breaks down on the way home, forcing Elora to hitchhike her way home. This is made dangerous due to the Strangers.